Amid a continuing crisis, The Yemen Project is committed to serving weary, traumatised and searching people. The team are bringing their listeners humanitarian aid, advice on relevant social issues and, above all, hope.

This is the first week of Advent.  For Advent Reflections on Yemen with Bible verses and devotional thought, see our Advent Reflection - HOPE

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SUNDAY 27th November

Please pray for safety for believers as they try to meet together and grow in discipleship. Pray especially for those who are new in their faith. Pray also that all who follow Jesus will be cared for by mature leaders who will enable them to grow and mature.

Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. You can find more details at Release International.

MONDAY 28th November

Give thanks also for the follow-up workers, who spend a good deal of time in conversation with listeners, through social media. Pray for divine wisdom and discernment for these workers.

TUESDAY 29th November

In what is a very troubling time for the country, many people are asking searching questions and there is a growing interest in Christian values. Let’s thank God for this and pray that He will continue to speak to those who are searching for Him.

WEDNESDAY 30th November

Give thanks for the many listeners who respond, saying they enjoy our partner’s shows. The drama features are especially popular.

THURSDAY 1st December

Pray for listeners who hear the ‘Trauma Awareness and Care’ series. This subject matter is highly relevant to many people’s recent experiences. Pray for inner healing for all listeners who need it.

FRIDAY 2nd December

Pray, too, for the follow-up workers linked to the trauma programmes, who counsel listeners who call the station. Pray that they will have skill, sensitivity and compassion.

SATURDAY 3rd December

There is still no clear end in sight to Yemen’s current crisis. Pray with us that God will change the hearts, minds and wills of leaders and bring about a lasting peace.

For more information about our project providing radio for transformation in Yemen, see our focus area on the Persecuted Church.

If you would like more detailed information on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen visit UNOCHA.