Feba has two partners in Central Asia, connecting with believers and those from the majority religion. This work is very sensitive, as the team members face severe penalties if they are identified, and those who contact them face similar sanctions for merely expressing an interest

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SUNDAY 20th November

Pray for the follow-up worker, talking with listeners from a rural area of the region. Listeners often call and ask to meet them. Some of these calls are from people who are genuinely interested, but there is a very high security risk if they reveal their location. Ask God to give them wisdom in handling these enquiries.

MONDAY 21st November

Praise God for the encouraging conversations the worker is having with people from the majority religion. Pray also for protection for those who risk imprisonment by expressing an interest in our partner’s broadcasts.

TUESDAY 22nd November

Please pray specifically for a leader from the majority religion who was arrested following regular conversations with our partner’s follow-up worker. He was eventually released from prison, but this illustrates the risks he is taking in contacting our partner.

WEDNESDAY 23rd November

There is very little worship music indigenous to this region because there are so few believers who can gather. Our partners have helped to write songs in the local language, but pray with us for the day when local believers will be able to create their own songs to be used in worship.

THURSDAY 24th November

Give thanks for two potential new team members: one in production, one in follow-up. Pray for vital security checks to happen swiftly and efficiently. Pray also for the new workers to be welcomed into the team warmly and to have a real impact on the project.

FRIDAY 25th November

A businessman recently contacted our partner to explain how their broadcasts have affected his business practices, making him more honest in his dealings. He has also stopped his excessive drinking. Thank God for these meaningful changes in the man’s life.

SATURDAY 26th November

Praise God that a listener has come to faith through our urban partner’s work – even though these programmes are designed for encouraging persecuted believers rather than to share the good news of Jesus more widely!