Praying for Feba worldwide

Feba works across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This week we are inviting you to pray for a number of our projects across the world.

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SUNDAY 13th November

Mozambique: Radio Wimbe addresses vital social and environmental issues interwoven with Bible teaching. Thank God for the high regard local people have for the station and for its witness to God's love.

MONDAY 14th November

Pakistan: Give thanks for the work the team are doing to partner with local FM stations which widens the reach of their work. Pray that the truth of God's love will be communicated effectively.

TUESDAY 15th November

Tibet: Give thanks for Gaweylon's ministry to Tibetan diaspora communities in India. Please pray for them as they try and share the love of God and the truth of the Bible in appropriate ways in the Tibetan language.

WEDNESDAY 16th November

Yemen: Our partners offer much needed encouragement to isolated believers, as well as providing wider pratical and emotional support to people during the civil war and humanitarian crisis. Please pray that these programmes continue to engage communities positively.

THURSDAY 17th November

India: The Udaan project engages with young people, sharing Bible truths and encoruaging discussions. Give thanks for those who have shown a real interest in this material and please pray for those wanting to learn more and live differently because of what they've heard.

FRIDAY 18th November

Northeast Africa: Our partners broadcast Bible material, and help support the local church. Please pray for followers of Jesus in this area as they often face persecution, and pray too for the impact of the programmes.

SATURDAY 19th November

Arab women: Please pray for our partner engaging with women in the Arabian Peninsula and encouraging them to discuss spiritual matters. Pray for openess amongst the women they talk to, and for wisdom in creating appropriate content.