Enabling community change

Radio Wimbe is making a positive change in the community of Pemba. Through the daily programmes people are finding information and help with local issues. The love of the presenters for the community and programmes, produced in the local languages, brings a sense of family to the listeners.

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SUNDAY 5th November

Please pray for Farida, the Station Manager of Radio Wimbe, as she leads the project. She says: “To lead this project is a big challenge. For the first time I am managing a project. It is not easy, but when we have faith in God, everything is easy!”

MONDAY 6th November

Farida also asks for prayer for her and her family: “Please pray for me that I continue to be a strong woman and the love of God is always with me. Pray also for my family, my children, that we are a happy family.”

TUESDAY 7th November

Give thanks for the positive changes in the community such as dealing with the rubbish. One listener says: “People couldn’t throw rubbish forever and now things are improving. When the presenter next comes here, he will see a difference.”

WEDNESDAY 8th November

Give thanks for the presenters and their love for the people of Pemba. Pray for them as they prepare programmes in different local languages. Pray too, that the programmes would educate, help and encourage listeners, leading to lasting transformation in people’s lives.

THURSDAY 9th November

A listener says: “I listen everyday to Radio Wimbe. I like the programmes and I have joined a listener group.” Thank God for the established audience Radio Wimbe has and pray for them today as they are listening to the programmes.

FRIDAY 10th November

Give thanks for the way radio can bring information to people who can’t read, as this listener says: “Radio is important to me because I don’t know how to read. Radio communication is useful and it is very important for all of us.”

SATURDAY 11th November

Please pray for the board members who serve on the Radio Wimbe board. Pray for unity as they discuss and make decisions, and pray that they would have strength to really engage with the work of the association.

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