Reducing fear and bringing hope using radio

Feba Pakistan continues to operate and broadcast in an environment with threats of violence and insecurity. They are working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

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SUNDAY 19th November

This year marks seventy years of the partition between India and Pakistan. It led to deaths along sectarian lines and the displacement of millions of people. Please pray with us for the fear and hatred that was created between neighbours to end. Please pray too for those in need of healing, and for restoration to come for neighbours, families and countries.   

MONDAY 20th November

Please pray for God’s intervention in the deepening fear between Christians and Muslims. Pray that Christians can meet safely and especially be able to meet as Christians in fellowship without fear.

TUESDAY 21st November

Please pray for the different broadcasts of Feba Pakistan.  Running for over a decade and meaning "shelter" in Urdu, Syban is a weekly FM radio programme that addresses the needs of the local community, such as health, education, gender equality and unemployment. Pray that these broadcasts will touch people’s lives and build bridges in communities across Pakistan.

WEDNESDAY 22nd November

Give thanks for the three Christian partners involved in the FM Project and how, through these radio programmes broadcast on FM stations, they are seeking to demonstrate the gospel and make communities better places to live.

THURSDAY 23rd November

Give thanks for training provided in October to encourage and enable Christian providers to grow community radio ministries. Pray that this will bear fruit.

FRIDAY 24th November

Please pray for the board and Director of Feba Pakistan as they continue to develop plans for the ministry, and for great wisdom in their respective governance and leadership roles. Please pray specifically for the FM Project work and the new team leader.

SATURDAY 25th November

Please uphold the Feba Pakistan staff and their families in prayer, especially for their security and wellbeing as they live and work in a tense environment.