Remembering the family of faith

This week we are especially praying for believers who live in situations where following Jesus can have significant negative consequences. Some believers hide their faith; others are bolder despite the restrictions placed on them by their families, culture or authorities.

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SUNDAY 12th November

Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Please pray for believers around the world who live under pressure because of their faith and are often isolated from other believers. Pray for the role that radio plays, as programmes bring Bible teaching, sermons and encouragement as people listen in private.

MONDAY 13th November

Please pray for believers in Yemen who have had they homes damaged or destroyed, or family members killed by extremists taking advantage of the conflict in the country and the lack of the rule of law, to persecute believers.

TUESDAY 14th November

So called ‘religious freedom’ laws in India have vague wording and are open to misinterpretation and misuse by those wanting to persecute Christian minorities. Jharkhand is the latest state to change its religious freedom laws in a way that means anyone changing their faith and anyone who assists that person during the process can be prosecuted.

WEDNESDAY 15th November

Please pray for new believers in Central Asia who get most of their early teaching through listening to online radio programmes. Pray that they can safely meet face-to-face with other believers to strengthen each other and mature in their faith.

THURSDAY 16th November

Please pray for the safety of radio listeners within a tribal region in Central Asia who want to be in contact with the radio station. They usually ask the station to call them back to save on the cost of calls but several listeners have asked the station not to contact them as they feel threatened by the militant groups operating in the region.

FRIDAY 17th November

Please pray for those in government in countries in Central Asia that they will move increasingly towards using their power to serve the needs of their people instead of using corruption, fear and suppression of dissenting belief systems to hold onto power and riches.

SATURDAY 18th November

King Agrippa saw Paul’s faith as something to explore and understand rather than something to be feared and persecuted (Acts 25:13-26:32). Please pray that more politicians and leaders will have the same attitude.