What listeners say

The following topics of conversation have come up in feedback from listeners to the call-in shows broadcast by *Voice of Egypt. Please pray for the young people of Egypt as they grapple with new ideas.

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WEDNESDAY 1st November

Give thanks for this listener and their thoughts about God: “When I hear God is affectionate, I feel happy and comfortable... He runs the universe correctly and gives you everything in time.”

THURSDAY 2nd November

Give thanks for the changes in the lives of *Voice of Egypt's audience. These young listeners have found some truths about relationships, one writes: “I was very selfish until I fell in love … love changes.”

Another writes: “I have to respect my wife without controlling her…” 

FRIDAY 3rd November

Please pray for this listener who writes: “I need to be satisfied with what God gave me however I should be ambitious and work hard to be a better person.”

SATURDAY 4th November

Thank God for this listener who says about humility that it “is better to respect others and not to underestimate them.”

*name changed for security reasons