The Hamari Beriyan programmes broadcast in North India and The Women’s Initiative in West Bengal work to address the needs and concerns that particularly affect women.

SUNDAY 9th September

Give thanks for the opportunities created by the internet, helping listeners access programmes in their own time when they are too busy during broadcast time. Pray for those using WhatsApp to receive audio files of the radio programmes and to chat to other listeners.

MONDAY 10th September

In the hilly areas north of Delhi where radio reception is poor, the Hamari Beriyanteam is planning to set up 5 new listener groups, providing Speakerboxes - battery powered speakers with a slot for an SD memory card containing the latest Hamari Beriyanprogrammes. Please pray for positive transformation for individuals, families and communities as a result of acting upon what they hear in the programmes.

TUESDAY 11th September

Please pray for listeners who accidentally find the programmes when searching for support or comfort during a time of need. Pray that the programmes would be God’s healing voice for women, and for men to be challenged to change their attitudes and behaviour towards their wives, sisters and daughters.

WEDNESDAY 12th September

Please pray for the networking activities of the Hamari Beriyanteams, who want to build more connections to local NGOs and churches which are best placed to provide longer term local support to listeners.

THURSDAY 13th September

Please pray for staff in West Bengal who work in radio part time and also work in community based organisations, providing support for self-help groups, vocational training and household visits. These activities are linked as the programmes are played on Speakerboxes to stimulate discussion.

FRIDAY 14th September

Please pray that local churches become inspired to promote justice for women. Pray too, that church members become aware of the realities faced by some of their neighbours, and are able to acknowledge and change any unfair practices in their own families.

SATURDAY 15th September

In some regions, the weather, or political or religious motivated disturbances can make it difficult for the teams to travel to listeners’ meetings. Please pray for safe travel and hospitable acceptance by local communities when production teams go out to meet them.