North East Africa is a challenging region in so many ways. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects in which programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments as well as those facing challenging life situations.

SUNDAY 18th November

A listener writes: “I am listening to your programmes but when I do I hide myself from my family because they are against me.” Please pray for listeners who do not have freedom to learn about Jesus or worship openly. Pray that God will strengthen them in their situation.

MONDAY 19th November

Please pray for the follow-up worker of one of the daily language broadcasts. He was rejected by his community and relatives because of his faith but recently his relatives contacted him and they met together. Please pray for their openness to him and his faith, and for the relationship to be restored.

TUESDAY 20th November

Give thanks for two people who are planning to join the team as producers. Pray for them as they apply for work permits, that their applications would be looked on favourably by government officials.

WEDNESDAY 21st November

A partner ministry in North East Africa has had one of its projects, which was effective in reaching a community, closed down by the local authorities. Please pray that God would open other ways for them to work among this community and for the partnership to continue.

THURSDAY 22nd November

There have been ethnic conflicts in some areas of the region resulting in many people being displaced and some deaths - listeners have been affected by this situation. Please pray that God will intervene, comfort and strengthen them.

FRIDAY 23rd November

“One of your listeners shared with me about the way of salvation. He also informed me about your radio     programme . . . Now after listening to your programme I clearly understand God’s plan for me and decided to receive Jesus as my personal Saviour.” Give thanks for this listener and others who come to faith through the radio programmes. Pray that many more will respond.

SATURDAY 24th November

Please pray for A Friend in the Wilderness shortwave programme, broadcast into a closed country where believers are living under pressure. Pray that the programme will be an encouragement to them and restore their hope in God.