North East Africa is a challenging region in so many ways. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects in which programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments as well as those facing challenging life situations. Please pray for this region which has many tribal conflicts and is undergoing so many changes.

SUNDAY 7th July

Praise God for the opportunity we have to reach millions of people in this diverse and populous region daily through radio, in their mother tongues. There are many, many different language groups and we only directly support some of them; please pray for the endeavours of various other agencies to reach groups not currently served by Feba’s broadcasts.

MONDAY 8th July

Please pray for peace and stability in this region; particularly for one country which is in mourning following a failed coup on Saturday 22 June, during which the head of the army and a regional governor were killed. There are a lot of tribal conflicts across North East Africa and these affect our listeners. Some are displaced and have lost their property, some even die. Please pray that the Prince of Peace reigns here.

TUESDAY 9th July

Some of the areas in this region are very difficult for a Christian worker, and at times life-threatening. Please pray for the safety and security of the team members and their families.


The team are hopeful that a new team member and his wife will be joining them in one of the language group projects, which is very important to the ministry. They are currently applying for a work permit but cannot say anything about the work itself. Please pray that God grants them wisdom and favour, and that the permit will be granted.

THURSDAY 11th July

Please pray for the *Sparrow project ministry, which is reaching millions of people in a very challenging region. God is working among this people group and the underground house churches are growing but there is severe persecution in some parts of the area and believers have been threatened and chased out of the community. Please pray that God will strengthen them and help them grow in the midst of the suffering.

FRIDAY 12th July

A listener called the team and said, ‘’When I was tuning in my radio, I accidentally landed on your station, then started to listen every day. My life is changed and with all my family decided to follow Christ. There is no church to go to in my area and I don’t know any believer. Your radio is the only source for my spiritual life, please pray for me that God will give other believers with whom I can worship.’’  Sometimes the team receives such letters from listeners. Please pray for this listener and their requests, and also that God will bring many more to His Kingdom.

SATURDAY 13th July

Many people in this region live in darkness and despair. Please pray that the Word of God, which goes out daily, will be heard by people with open hearts prepared by God, and that it will change their lives and give them hope.