North East Africa is a challenging region in so many ways. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects in which programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments as well as those facing challenging life situations. Please pray for this region which has many tribal conflicts and is undergoing so many changes.

SUNDAY 26th May

Praise God for the opportunity to bring the gospel message for many millions of people in the region, most of them are unreached and hard to reach. Without these radio programmes, most of them wouldn’t have a chance to hear the gospel message in their lifetime.

MONDAY 27th May

Praise God that many people are listening to radio programmes in different languages. Some write letters, some send text messages, some send emails and most call on the phone. Some of the responses the team get are from difficult areas and they say that their lives have been transformed because of the message they heard on the radio.

TUESDAY 28th May

One of the language programmes goes to a neighbouring country. Recently, some people from the area were able to visit the producer and expressed their appreciation. They say they have no freedom to worship God and they are underground. They thanked the producer for the encouragement they got from the programme and asked to have more days. Currently it is only one day a week; please pray that the ministry will be able to expand its airtime.


One of our partners (Sparrow Project) distributed one hundred radios to people in the community. The purpose is to form listening groups that can grow into a house church. Please pray that God will open the minds and hearts of the listener and begin to see His salvation.


There was a tribal conflict in the Sparrow people area and some were displaced from the area they have lived for a long time. Please pray that peace is restored amongst these two tribes and people get a chance to go back to their community.

FRIDAY 31st May

A few months ago the team distributed about 200 small data cards to one of the target areas. Each card has fifty Bible stories, New Testament audio, and the Jesus Film in their language. Please pray that God will use this for His own glory. They heard that people liked the stories and they are asking for more.