North East Africa is a challenging region in so many ways. Feba UK partners in a variety of media projects in which programmes are produced to address the physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, living in restrictive environments as well as those facing challenging life situations. Please pray for these listeners who have shared their personal prayer requests.

SUNDAY 21st April

“I and my family are listening to your programs from Thursday through Sunday evenings. God is teaching us new things. Pray for me because I have a desire to share the Gospel with my friends.” As we remember the risen Jesus this Easter Sunday, let us give thanks that he died for us and we have the good news to receive and share with others.

MONDAY 22nd April

“I am listening to your radio programs. In my area many bad things happen every day. The evil spirit controls the younger generation to destroy each other. Please pray that my country will be peaceful.”

TUESDAY 23rd April

“I am your listener. I want to share my problem with you. My husband is very difficult when I try to explain the way of salvation. Every time I mention it, he gets very angry. My children and I are suffering very much. Please pray for me to feel the presence of God.”

WEDNESDAY 24th April

“I am a Muslim. I am listening to your program every Friday. Is the preacher teaching that Al-Messeh Isa (God’s Messiah-Jesus) is the way of salvation? I am starting to compare the Koran with the Bible. Please pray for me that I will know the truth.”

THURSDAY 25th April

“As I listen to your radio programs God teaches me many things that I did not know before. I have a vision that in the future I will serve the Lord. Please pray for me that God will show me the place where I should go to serve Him by evangelism.“

FRIDAY 26th April

“I, my wife and my children are listening to your radio program. It is very important for our spiritual growth. Most of my family are orthodox. Because of this they do not like me. Please pray for me and my family.”

SATURDAY 27th April

“I am a university student. At this time it is difficult to meet for our Christian fellowship. When we meet for our church service, others come into our room and mock us. It is forbidden for us to listen to your radio programs. Please pray for me and our fellowship meetings.”

SUNDAY 28th April

“I am a teacher in this town. It is hard to live the Christian life in this town. Most of the people are Muslim; others are Orthodox. I and my family are the only believers who live in this area. So please pray for us to be witnesses to the Word of god and to show us ways to share His Word.”

MONDAY 29th April

“I have been listening to your radio programs for a long time. My Lord has helped me to com out of a discouraging time of my life. But my parents oppose me. Please pray for me that I not backslide.”

TUESDAY 30th April

“I am listening to your programs. I used to love Jesus but in recent time I feel nothing in my life so what should I do? Please pray for me that I will not lose my salvation.”