Changes and new faces

Radio Wimbe is making a genuine difference to the community of Pemba. The team are currently experiencing a few changes – some welcome, some more challenging. Most significantly, Narciso, who has led the team, is moving on. Let’s commit these changes to God.


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SUNDAY 29th May

Narciso, Radio Wimbe’s radio developer, has returned to Maputo. Join us in giving thanks for Narciso’s diligent leadership over the past four years.

MONDAY 30th May

Please pray for Farida, the new station manager. She has recently undertaken radio training in Tanzania and is now growing into the role. This remains a demanding job; pray that God will make Farida equal to the task.

TUESDAY 31st May

The Radio Wimbe Association successfully held its second AGM in the spring where they recruited new members, including listeners from across Pemba. Thank God for these positive steps and pray the Association will continue to underpin Radio Wimbe’s work.


Give thanks for a fruitful visit to Mozambique for Stephanie Mooney, Partnerships Team Director, earlier this year. Pray that the working relationship between Radio Wimbe and Feba UK will continue to grow stronger.


There have been some technical issues which have led to the station going off-air for a few hours at a time each week. Please pray that these issues can be resolved quickly and with a minimum of disruption to broadcasts.

FRIDAY 3rd June

Despite the recent technical issues, Radio Wimbe’s audience continues to grow. Praise God that the station is making a genuine impact in Pemba and the surrounding area.


Give thanks that listener groups are flourishing too; and that the station is cultivating a sense of belonging among its listeners.