Building bridges

Through their online broadcasts and listener engagement *Voice of Egypt speaks about everyday issues as well as matters of faith with people from a range of religious and political backgrounds, promoting community cohesion and understanding.

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SUNDAY 27th May

Please pray for the *Voice of Egypt team leader who has just completed her second year in the role. Give thanks for her growth in confidence and good pastoral skills with the team. Pray for her as she continues to fulfil her responsibilities in the team.

MONDAY 28th May

Give thanks for the production team who are all volunteers and very enthusiastic for the ministry. Pray for them as they balance their commitment to the radio station with their work and studies. Pray that they would be encouraged by the listeners’ feedback to the programmes they produce.

TUESDAY 29th May

Pray for the team members interacting with listeners online, that they would have skills to really engage with them. Social media is providing opportunity to develop relationships and speak about things on a deeper level. Please pray for the conversations about faith issues and encouraging believers.


Thank God for the changes that are happening in listeners’ lives, often initiated or encouraged by what they have heard in the radio programmes. Give thanks for the messages of hope that help listeners realise that change is possible, and for all that God is doing in their lives.


The team produce a variety of programmes including sports, current affairs, relationships and faith. Please pray for them as they work to keep the programmes interesting and continue to grow the audience.

FRIDAY 1st June

The *Voice of Egypt programmes are aimed at young people - they make up a large percentage of the population. Because the programmes are online, young people in other countries are listening too. Please pray that those listening would find the programmes a place to discuss their ideas and opinions in a positive way, interacting well with those who think differently to them.


Give thanks for the opportunities the team have to develop their radio and communication skills through workshops and other training, some of which staff from Feba UK have been able to provide. The team also value the mentoring and support they receive from other partner organisations.