IraqFM operates in an urban area of the country, providing a safe place for people to discuss social issues, and promoting peace between Christians and Muslims. God is clearly at work through the station and we should give thanks for this, while praying for a yet greater impact.


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SUNDAY 22nd May

People in the local community say their biggest concern is to have hope for the future. Pray that IraqFM’s listeners will find their hope in Jesus.

MONDAY 23rd May

Please pray for the IraqFM team as they work with other radio stations to persuade the government to reduce fees for broadcast licenses.

TUESDAY 24th May

The team believes there is a slight issue with a piece of studio equipment (used for pre-recorded shows) which is reducing the quality of the recorded material. Pray for them as they try to find the source of the problem.


Pray for continued creativity for the IraqFM team as they produce new material for broadcast. Pray especially for the station manager as he adapts the broadcast schedule and adds in new programme formats.


The team has trialled translating the audio on a Christian video and posting the dubbed version on their website. Pray this will receive a good response, and pray for the team as they hone their skills in this area.


FRIDAY 27th May

Pray for IraqFM as they look into ways of raising local funding and growing their long-term sustainability.


There is still a high level of engagement from listeners, with many calling in and participating in the live shows. Praise God for this, and pray this engagement will easily lead to conversation around matters of faith.