Different platforms for different people groups

Our partners in Central Asia use different platforms to reach different people. In one country internet radio is the most appropriate tool whereas medium-wave is being used to reach a tribal language group in another part of the region.

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SUNDAY 20th May

Please pray for new believers who often feel like they are the only ones. Pray that the radio programmes in their language will encourage them and build a sense of fellowship with other believers.

MONDAY 21st May

People listen to online radio in different places, sometimes when they are driving. In this part of the world, car drivers with empty seats often offer lifts to others as informal taxis. Please pray for these passengers who hear our partner’s radio station while taking informal taxi rides.

(*Click link for a video with a true story about a believer sharing more than just their taxi). 

TUESDAY 22nd May

Please pray for local home groups who meet together using the audio resources from the radio station and from the website. Pray that they would grow in confidence, and draw closer to each other and to God.


Give thanks for listeners who contact the follow-up team to talk about dreams. Jesus often appears to people in dreams, inviting them to find out about him and to follow him. Please pray for the follow-up workers to have wisdom and sensitivity to help people explore the meaning of their dreams, in a region where dreams are taken very seriously.


Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are an important tool for many of our partners, enabling listeners to explore questions about Jesus in a culturally appropriate way, alongside others who share their culture and come from a similar belief system. Please pray for the radio team who produce the DBS content, for God’s guidance and insight into how to present the material.

FRIDAY 25th May

Please pray for the follow up worker who takes some listeners through the DBS process. Pray for wisdom and the right words as he answers their questions and they speak together. They are listeners who have asked for deeper conversations and want to explore the teachings of Jesus.


Please pray for the programmes for women and families. Women in this society live in a social structure controlled by men. Give thanks for the programmes helping women to thrive in the midst of restrictions. Pray that these programmes for families will lead to the growth of strong family units with a renewed appreciation for each other.

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