A good many of our overseas partners operate in contexts where Christians face heavy persecution. As we celebrate Pentecost, we pray for our friends in these nations and ask God to pour out His Spirit upon them.

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SUNDAY 15th May

Egypt: Voice of Egypt works to build bridges between listeners of different faiths and political backgrounds. Pray that their conversations and friendships with listeners will break patterns of religious polarisation that lead to violence between people with different beliefs.

MONDAY 16th May

Yemen: Pray for listeners to the Reality Church programme, who have been facing the dangers of the conflict as well as potential persecution, should their faith be discovered. Pray they will know true joy in the Holy Spirit.

TUESDAY 17th May

Iraq:  IraqFM operates in an urban area of the country. Praise God for its ministry, promoting peace between Christians and Muslims, and pray this peace will extend throughout the country.


Central Asia: Please pray for wisdom for Feba’s team in the region, as they go about sharing the gospel in a context where evangelism is a highly sensitive matter.


Arab women: The Landais project engages with women in the Arabic speaking world, building relationships and encouraging discussions on spiritual matters. Pray that God will make our partner’s message compelling and draw more of these women to himself.

FRIDAY 20th May

Pakistan: Praise God for the clear spiritual hunger amongst the people of this area, and for the people who are choosing to follow Jesus. Pray that, by the Holy Spirit, this project will go from strength to strength.


North Korea: FEBC Korea broadcasts into here. Generally acknowledged to be the hardest country on Earth to live as a Christian, pray for God’s guidance in FEBC Korea’s programming as an assister organisation, and under such oppression, let’s pray for God’s protection over all his people there.