Reaching Tibetan communities

Through radio programmes, CDs and literature, our partner Gaweylon addresses practical issues and contributes to the physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of Tibetan communities living in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.

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SUNDAY 14th May

Some Tibetans consider themselves a displaced people and some see themselves as a people in exile. Please pray for Tibetans to know peace, belonging and a sense of restoration.

MONDAY 15th May

Over the last few months there have been some problems with the airtime provider. The programmes are being cut at the beginning or drop out for a few seconds in the middle. Please pray for a speedy solution as we work with Gaweylon and the airtime provider to resolve the situation.

TUESDAY 16th May

Pray for the faithful listeners in remote parts of India who receive shipments of Gaweylon CDs and literature, and who then distribute these to their Tibetan neighbours.


A lecturer in a Tibetan monastery recently wrote: “Thank you for the good work you do for the community.” Give thanks for this evidence of good favour among influential people in Tibetan communities.


Gaweylon aims to work in partnership with other ministries working with Tibetans. Give thanks for a new Indian contact who is using the Gaweylon literature and other material to reach out to Tibetans in his region.

FRIDAY 19th May

Give thanks for the much needed replacement of studio equipment. Anil says: “God worked everything for good and the new equipment will improve quality, benefit the ministry, and help us to better reach out to our listeners.”


Please pray for the trainees who work with Gaweylon. They help the project run more smoothly and through providing this training Gaweylon is providing a service to people in their community who are looking to improve their employment opportunities.