Social and spiritual change

The civil war continues to bring suffering to civilians in Yemen.  With aid organisations struggling to get humanitarian relief to those in need because of the conflict, the Yemen Project is producing programmes to bring practical advice as well as Bible teaching to Yemenis. 

Programmes like Reality Church are actively assisting isolated believers, and listeners are finding support through the broadcasts, opening up room for social and spiritual change. 

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SUNDAY 13th May

A strong impression coming out of the Yemen Project is that of a vibrant, growing church. These are people who are learning together and reaching out in love to their neighbours. Give thanks for what God is doing in and through their lives.

MONDAY 14th May

Please pray for families of believers. They are not only bringing up their children in the midst of violent conflict but also whilst they are receiving death threats because of their Christian faith.

TUESDAY 15th May

Give thanks for the children’s radio programmes, bringing Bible stories for bedtime. Pray that these will help parents talk about their faith with their children and for the children to understand.


Radio producer Sammy hopes this ministry will connect with the people of Yemen and he prays for listeners to have open minds "so people can know more about Jesus and receive him".  Please join Sammy in this prayer and pray for continued inspiration in his work and broadcasts. 


Some listeners want to respond to the programmes and talk with a follow-up worker via the internet. However, as the conflict has continued the internet availability has become increasingly unreliable. Please pray that it will be available when people want to talk.

FRIDAY 18th May

Despite difficulties with communication, some people are using the mobile app to listen to the radio programmes and to communicate with other believers. Give thanks for this and the opportunities to access information, teaching and fellowship that it brings.


Please pray for the leaders of Yemen, that people become willing to compromise with each other to find a peaceful solution to the conflict. Pray for the process of reconciliation that follows a peace agreement, as families and communities come to grips with the harm done to them, or that they have done to others.