Bringing hope and help to listeners

The Yemen Project continues to broadcast in the midst of ongoing conflict.  Programmmes bring practical advice, encouragement and teaching about the Christian faith.

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SUNDAY 7th May

Over the last year, there has been a marked increase in the number of people in this country who are choosing to become believers. We give thanks to God for this and pray that it will continue.

MONDAY 8th May

Please pray for new believers and people who contact the radio show. It is not easy to trust strangers in the midst of a deadly conflict, especially when followers of Jesus are considered to be the enemy of all warring factions.


Pray too for the follow up team. Listeners like to talk with a voice they recognise from the radio shows. There is a possibility for a second person to start co-presenting live programmes on the radio. This will mean there are two voices that the listeners will consider as ‘trusted’.


Join us in praying for an end to the violence and conflict in Yemen. We pray for political will to rebuild services and infrastructure, bringing relief to many.


Give thanks for those bringing in food and medical supplies as emergency relief. Pray especially for the networks of local believers who have committed themselves to this task. Pray for resourcing, for safety, and for wisdom to identify those who most need help from aid distributions.

FRIDAY 12th May

The *Today’s Topics programmes tackle the issues that really matter in the everyday lives of listeners. Pray that listeners would be encouraged as they know that their voices are being heard. Pray that the voices of the suffering people in Yemen are heard worldwide and provoke an effective response to bring peace and restoration.

(Programme name changed for security purposes).


Please pray that believers listening to the current series of Reality Church will be encouraged, and will grow in their faith and in fellowship with each other.