Addressing practical issues

Gaweylon, our partner, produces radio programmes, CDs and literature to help address practical, social and health issues affecting Tibetans living in India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

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Give thanks for the two new trainees who have joined the team. Please pray for our partner as they mentor them and help them learn practical skills.


The authorities have brought out new rules for vehicles, which mean that all vehicles 15 years or older have to be phased out. The project has a diesel car which is more than 17 years old and so will have to be scrapped. Please pray for a new car for this ministry.


Please pray that the shortwave broadcasts will be heard clearly without interruption. After some problems last year, the service seems to have stabilised. Give thanks for the encouraging reports from listeners in different areas.

FRIDAY 4th May

Give thanks for the staff and technical support involved in programme production and broadcast. Pray that God would have his hand on them and the equipment.


A number of listeners receive CDs and literature from Gaweylon, and distribute them around their communities. Give thanks for their support and pray that others will benefit from the programmes and information.