Practical, social and spiritual needs

The RMB Project addresses practical, social and spiritual needs through their shortwave programmes to rural communities. The broadcasts support isolated believers and help others explore faith issues.

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SUNDAY 6th May

July is the wet season in Bangladesh and already various agencies are working to improve preparedness for heavy rains. In previous years floods have caused devastation for many people living in the areas where our listeners are. Please pray for good preparations this year resulting in a less negative impact for the people.

MONDAY 7th May

Please pray for the people hearing stories of prophets from the Bible on the radio. The names will be familiar but the details of the stories may be new. Pray for the follow up team as they deal with listener questions about these stories.


Give thanks for the health programmes. Each week the project airs a question and answer session, providing health advice in an engaging manner and dealing with questions asked by listeners. Pray for the presenters and that the advice comes across in a way that is compelling and easy to understand.


One series of programmes models a group of people meeting together to explore questions about the Bible from their own perspective and cultural context. Give thanks for the listeners who call to discuss religious issues and ask questions about spirituality as a result of what they have heard.


Please pray for inspiration, creativity and energy for the production staff as they work on RMB programmes to help isolated believers. Pray that their programmes can support and encourage listeners in circumstances that make it difficult to openly practice their faith. 

FRIDAY 11th May

Please pray for the team leader who carries numerous responsibilities. Please pray for strength and good management of their work. Pray that they will have time to focus specifically on their media work.


Please pray for those who listen to the programme with others. Sometimes these are families, other times groups of listeners meet to discuss the programmes. Pray for them as they share their thoughts, that they would be encouraged and helped by each other.