Trials and triumphs

The Horn of Africa is one of the hardest places in the world to be a Christian. Believers can face extreme persecution. But our partner in the region is using audio technology to communicate the good news – and seeing remarkable fruit from it. *Dawit heads-up Feba’s ministry in the region.

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SUNDAY 1st May

Ethiopia has been experiencing a drought and famine since October. Please pray for Ethiopia as the famine is getting worse. About 18 million people are in need of food. There has also been unrest in some areas.

MONDAY 2nd May

Pray for an initiative *Dawit is working on in an urban area. It will engage with young people through a weekly FM programme. The organisation must be registered with the government for the project to go ahead. *Dawit asks for prayer that this process will be straightforward.


Pray for the work of a partner who makes daily broadcasts to a language group of around 10 million people. The listeners are almost exclusively Muslim, but praise God that 28 of them came to know Jesus last year, and that the programme website receives around 9,300 visitors every month.


Give thanks for this testimony from a listener: ‘You cannot imagine how much God has blessed me through these broadcasts. I used to live in darkness and my heart was full of hatred. However, it has all changed, as I found God’s grace. I thank God for your broadcasts as they have enabled me to know him.’


Pray also for the *Skylark project, combining Christian teaching with practical help for a people group spread across a wide rural area. The project has seen 96 house groups established!

FRIDAY 6th May

Pray for safety for all of the team members involved in follow-up. There is very often an element of risk in meeting listeners in this region, so please pray for God’s protection over the team.


*Dawit has big dreams for the future, including increasing the volume of audio content available on SD cards and for use on mobile phones. Please pray for God’s favour on theseideas, and for thousands more people to hear the good news through this technology.

* For the sake of security, some of the real names of people or projects have been changed or omitted