Empowering broadcasts

This week we are praying for the role radio can play in bringing transformation to the lives of girls and women. In many areas where Feba’s partners work, women face issues affecting their safety and welfare, position in society and quality of life.

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SUNDAY 5th March

Give thanks for programmes broadcast to North East Africa as they address issues facing women including early marriage, polygamy, marriage issues and raising children.

MONDAY 6th March

Please pray for ongoing efforts to combat female genital mutilation in North East Africa. Pray for a greater influence of media and our potential involvement in educating people about this.

TUESDAY 7th March

Pray for women suffering fistula problems. Often cultural sensitivities mean that they hide themselves away. Radio can give them access to information so please pray for our partners as they consider how they can help with this issue.


Today is International Women’s Day. Please pray for our partners, who use radio to educate communities about women’s issues and seek to empower women, giving them a voice to help transform their lives.

THURSDAY 9th March

The Radio Wimbe team visited a very rural area where the chief of the village told them that because of the health advice in the programmes, pregnant women in the village are now making the effort to walk to the next village to the Health Post to register their pregnancy and to be monitored.

FRIDAY 10th March

The Mungongo Ya Muana project works with street-living children in Kinshasa, DRC. Accusations of witchcraft lead to many children living on the street and girls are particularly vulnerable to exploitation as sex workers at a young age. Pray for their protection and for the project which seeks to use radio to highlight their situation and experiences.

SATURDAY 11th March

Please pray for the Women’s Initiative project in North India as they work to raise awareness of sex trafficking and minister to sex workers.

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