Radio supporting transformation

Feba India works to reach different audiences including women, rural communities and young people. As they engage with local communities, helping to address their issues and raise their concerns through the radio programmes, listeners are empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

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SUNDAY 4th March

In Haryana there are plans for the Women’s Initiative team to distribute speaker boxes to 25 listener groups, enabling them to listen together to radio programmes at a time that suits them, giving opportunity for discussion about the topics on the show. Please pray that the distribution plans can be carried out and that the groups will meet regularly to make use of the boxes.

MONDAY 5th March

One production team leader in Delhi also works closely with young people as a pastor in a local church and through mentoring students in Bible Colleges. Give thanks for the support that he gives to these young people and for lessons learned that feed into the radio.

TUESDAY 6th March

All North India projects work with a central management and production team in Delhi and local production teams in the regional towns where medium wave broadcasts are heard. Give thanks for the good relationships between the regional and central teams, and for the closer connections with local audiences as a result.


Please pray for the Women’s Initiative team in North West Bengal as they visit households in local communities, to hear their stories and hopes which inform the content of the radio programmes. Please pray for trust to grow between everyone involved in this process - the households, the team, community organisations, churches and God.

THURSDAY 8th March

Today is International Women’s Day. Feba works in partnership especially to help value, educate, encourage and give a voice to women living in rural North India. Please pray for the effectiveness of these different projects.

FRIDAY 9th March

The Udaan programme for young people is broadcast across North India on shortwave five days per week and two days per week to large, established, local audiences via regional medium wave. Listeners with poor signal are also distributing and listening to recordings of programmes via mobile phone cards. Give thanks this initiative and for the opportunities offered by these varied broadcasting methods.  

SATURDAY 10th March

Please pray for plans to distribute speaker boxes to a further 15 groups in the hill country of Uttarakhand where radio reception is not so good.