Our Yemeni partner broadcasts Christian content into the country from outside. As a result of the civil war people are fleeting their homes in pursuit of safety.  The radio station production team have found that many listeners who have fled the country want to meet them in person for support. We give thanks that our partner can connect with these listeners in their time of need, but also pray for a swift end to the conflict.

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Please pray for the Yemen Project workers who are living outside the country and meeting listeners who have fled the fighting. Pray for them as they help people access shelter, food and healthcare. Pray also for the new listeners to the show, who are finding refuge in the person of Jesus.

MONDAY 28th March

Give thanks for the new batch of Reality Church programmes recorded for broadcast. Pray that the Christians who hear these programmes will be emboldened to live for Jesus in what can be an oppressive environment.

TUESDAY 29th March

Pray for a family of believers whose teenage son recently died from shrapnel wounds. Pray they will experience God’s comfort in their grief, and pray for their family and friends to glimpse Jesus’s hope through them.

WEDNESDAY 30th March

Pray for Taiz and Sa’ana where the fighting is intense and resources are scarce. Please pray for the conflicting parties to commit to finding a lasting and diplomatic solution.

THURSDAY 31st March

Give thanks for a brother from a major port city who has accepted Jesus and is very happy in his new-found faith. Please also pray for a lady from eastern Yemen, who has started to open her heart to Jesus. Pray that she will encounter God as she does so.

FRIDAY 1st April

Praise God for the extraordinary work he is doing in *Hassan’s life. Hassan saw Jesus in a dream and contacted the radio station to ask questions about Jesus. Now both he and his wife have begun to follow Jesus.

SATURDAY 2nd April

Pray above all for a quick and God inspired restoration of peace in Yemen. Pray that the violence and bloodshed will end and the Yemeni people will be able to begin rebuilding their lives and communities.