Local partners

Feba works with local partner Human Development and Community Services, HDCS with two radio stations – Afno FM – in Okhaldunga in the east of the country, and Dadeldhura in the west, engaging with communities to address their needs and issues bringing transformation to individual and communities. 

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Learn more about Afno FM and our focus area Health and Wellbeing

SUNDAY 26th March

Please pray for the Afno FM producers in Okhaldunga and Dadeldhura as they engage with their communities, that they would understand how they can be a part of positive changes.

MONDAY 27th March

Give thanks for the programmes talking about issues of working abroad. Pray for those who leave their families to search for work.

TUESDAY 28th March

Please pray for the programme Able Women, produced by the Station Manager who seeks out stories of successful women in the community, to inspire girls who often face cultural discrimination and better inform the community of the value of education for all.

WEDNESDAY 29th March

Give thanks for the listeners to Afno FM and pray for them as they are often challenged by the programmes with ideas that can go against years of traditional practices, such as Chhaupadi, that are abusive to women. (Chhaupadi is the banishment of women, often to squalid conditions or "menstruation huts" during their periods).

THURSDAY 30th March

Please pray for the programme producers as they seek out people and organisations in society who have influence over issues that really affect the community, and work to build bridges between them.

FRIDAY 31st March

Please pray that the local churches will continue to engage with Afno FM, seeking to be salt and light to those around them.

SATURDAY 1st April

Feba UK has worked in partnership with HCDS since 2007. Give thanks for ten years of ministry together through the two Afno FM stations in Okhaldunga and Dadeldhura.