Speaking heart languages

North East Africa is a challenging region to bring life-changing messages but short wave radio programmes are crossing boundaries and reaching remote communities using local languages.

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SUNDAY 19th March

Praise God for the opportunity to bring life-transforming messages to the most disadvantaged communities in North East Africa. Millions of people live in remote areas and come from oralbased cultures. Radio speaks to them in their heart language.

MONDAY 20th March

Pray for the safety and security of programme producers. Media work is very sensitive in most parts of the region and sometimes the producers receive threatening messages. Pray that God would protect them and their families.

TUESDAY 21st March

Pray for listeners living in hostile situations who have come to faith. Sometimes they keep their faith to themselves because of fear and risk that they can face from their own families and communities. Pray that they will have grace, courage and wisdom to be witnesses.

WEDNESDAY 22nd March

Thank God for the programme producers and pray that God would give them wisdom and understanding to be more creative and relevant to their audiences so that lasting transformation will take place in listeners’ lives.

THURSDAY 23rd March

There are many people groups in the region who do not have access to life-transforming messages on any media. Please pray for our partners as they look for opportunities to reach them.

FRIDAY 24th March

Thank God for the opportunities the programme producers have to visit listeners in remote areas. Pray for safe travel and good conversations, building relationships of trust.

SATURDAY 25th March

Please pray for wisdom for our partners as they answer listener phone calls and letters. Thank God for the listeners who are motivated and able to get in-touch.