Supporting the community

Radio Wimbe is supporting the community in Pemba, making positive changes through its daily broadcasts as listeners learn about, discuss and find help on issues important to them.

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SUNDAY 18th March

Please continue to pray for Radio Wimbe’s Station Manager, Farida, that she feels well supported, motivated and inspired. Pray for her close relationship with God.

MONDAY 19th March

Radio Wimbe is located in Pemba, the capital of the Cabo Delgado province. There have been some violent attacks in the north of Cabo Delgado that have a suspected link to Al-Shabbab. This is very worrying for the team so please pray for their safety and protection of their families, homes and communities.

TUESDAY 20th March

Please pray for Radio Wimbe which is very open about its Christian identity and could be a target for extremist groups. Please also pray that the radio station would be a voice of calm, peace, and religious tolerance in the face of these violent incidences. We pray that the violence stops and that these groups cease to exist, and that the love and peace of Jesus Christ will reign supreme in the north of Mozambique.

WEDNESDAY 21st March

Programme presenters tackle serious issues on air such as early marriage, domestic violence and neighbourhood tensions. Please pray for them for wisdom, God’s discernment, sensitivity and compassion, and that they would transmit hope, love and respectful guidance in all they say. Pray for them as they go out into communities to make programmes, that they get to the heart of the issues they are reporting on and raise the voices of all those in the community.

THURSDAY 22nd March

Please pray for the technology and equipment at Radio Wimbe, especially the new transmitter. Pray that it works well and is sturdy, as well as being safe and well maintained in its location.

FRIDAY 23rd March

The Radio Wimbe team are beginning to use Discovery Bible Studies materials with listener groups. Please pray that this methodology would be appropriate, effective and encouraging for the listeners.

SATURDAY 24th March

Pray for the Association that they are able to engage with and support the Radio Wimbe team as much as possible, and that they are also inspired by the communities that Radio Wimbe is reaching and feel God’s calling in this work.