Feba India's teams address different issues in far-flung areas of the country. But the teams are united in their commitment to serve their communities and share the good news. The recent Feba India retreat brought the diverse teams together to share ideas and deepen their sense of unity.

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A family gathers to listen to Feba India's "Hamari Bediyan" programme

SUNDAY 13th March

Give thanks for Bob Chambers’ (chief executive) recent visit to our partner, Feba India. Bob had the opportunity to visit several projects and local listener groups, as well as having productive meetings with the Feba India team. 

MONDAY 14th March

Feba India and Feba UK have a long and rich history of doing ministry together. Please pray that our partnership will become even stronger and more mutually beneficial as we learn from each other and encourage one another in our work.

TUESDAY 15th March

The recent staff retreat brought together members of Feba India projects from Delhi, West Bengal and Bangalore. Give thanks for this valuable opportunity for mutual sharing of encouragement and expertise.

WEDNESDAY 16th March

Please pray for each of Feba India’s projects, following the staff retreat; that the insights they have gained from each other will add a new dimension to each of them. Pray also for a growing sense of unity between Feba India’s highly diverse teams.

THURSDAY 17th March

After listening to Feba broadcasts in Kolkata and talking with the follow-up team at the station, *Das has stopped abusing alcohol and stopped visiting the red light district in the city. Give thanks for this change and pray that Das comes to know God for himself.

FRIDAY 18th March

Please pray for *Paulata. She left her abusive husband ten years ago and went to live with her parents. Her parents died recently and she now feels depressed and has low self-confidence. She calls the station’s follow-up worker regularly. Please pray for Paulata to find peace and know God’s love.

SATURDAY 19th March

Feba’s programmes inspired *Rajita to help the family next door to her. The daughter had stopped going to school because her parents couldn’t afford it. Rajita helped the family financially and encouraged the girl to start attending school again. Please pray for Rajita and the family.