Encouraging believers

Feba works with one partner on three interlinking projects in Central Asia, supporting and encouraging believers and reaching out to those seeking to find out more about God’s love. The teams work under the pressure of personal security risks, and it is also dangerous for the listeners who contact them.

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SUNDAY 12th March

Pray for the multitude of home fellowships meeting today that have started up over the last few years because of material they have heard on the radio and use from the website.

MONDAY 13th March

Pray for programme producers as they put together interesting, relevant and helpful content for listeners. Pray that they would have wisdom in knowing what to cover.

TUESDAY 14th March

Thank God for the opportunity listeners have to give feedback on the programmes and how this helps the producers speak to their needs.

WEDNESDAY 15th March

Give thanks for the follow-up workers who speak to listeners on the phone and in person at personal risk to both parties. Pray for their security and for good conversations.

THURSDAY 16th March

Pray for those who are seeking to find out more about the Christian faith that God would enable them to overcome the barriers that would prevent this.

FRIDAY 17th March

Give thanks for the technology which enables audio content to be available online every hour of the day for listeners wanting to know more about developing a relationship with God.

SATURDAY 18th March

Pray for the project team as they work to open a window on the wider Christian community from within a restrictive culture.