Working in partnership

Community visits in and around Freetown provide opportunities for local people to share their stories, concerns and issues, which in turn, feed into the content of radio programmes. The voices of local communities are ‘amplified’ through the broadcasts, engaging more people to help transform community life.

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SUNDAY 11th March

Give thanks for a recent visit to the project which highlighted its effectiveness, and was an opportunity to hear stories of personal and community change.

MONDAY 12th March

Please continue to pray for those who were affected by last year’s mudslide. A number of those killed have not been recovered from the site. Much official support has now come to an end but please pray for our partner, Believers Broadcasting Network (BBN), as they continue to offer counselling to those who need it.

TUESDAY 13th March

Give thanks for the opportunities this project provides people with to talk and be heard. The healing that sharing a personal experience or story can bring cannot be underestimated and ‘amplifying’ these stories through the radio programmes is helping others to talk too.

WEDNESDAY 14th March

It is easy to rely on God in times of trouble but to drift away when things improve. Please pray that, as change comes to communities, people would continue to seek God and see him through the care and help of project team members.

THURSDAY 15th March

Please pray for the different community groups who are involved with Amplifying Voices. These include health workers, churches and community leaders. Pray for them as they share in the radio programmes and for those who volunteer, making household visits in the different neighbourhoods.

FRIDAY 16th March

Give thanks for the relocation of BBN’s offices and studio, as well as a new transmitter which has extended their broadcast reach. Please pray that the community visits can be extended into the new areas that can now hear the radio programmes.

SATURDAY 17th March

Please pray for the stories that are gathered through the community visits, and for the radio programme content which is being developed. Pray that people will not only feel that they are being heard but also empowered to make a difference where they live.