Enabling community change

Radio Wimbe is helping bring positive change in the community of Pemba. Through the daily programmes, people are finding information and help with local issues.

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SUNDAY 24th June

Radio Wimbe have started using the Discovery Bible Study materials to enable listener groups to explore the Bible. Recently four people from these groups have asked to go to church. Please pray that they would come to know the love of our Heavenly Father.

MONDAY 25th June

Please pray for the groups using the Discovery Bible Study materials, that they hear God’s voice through the discussions and Bible passages. Pray that these groups become a place of fellowship, a force for good in their communities, and attractive to family and neighbours.

TUESDAY 26th June

Please pray for peace in northern Mozambique, that ethnic and religious tensions will be replaced with forgiveness, unity and compassion. Please pray that the Gospel message of salvation, forgiveness and love will reach those who are inciting violence and turn their lives around.


In the north of Mozambique there have been some incidences of violence involving extremist groups. Please pray that Radio Wimbe will be a calming and comforting voice in this time of uncertainty and fear.

THURSDAY 28th June

The President of the Municipal Council in Pemba thanked Radio Wimbe for their work to improve public hygiene and encourage more rubbish bins after a radio campaign to tackle the problem of rubbish in the city. Please pray for Radio Wimbe as they continue to address relevant and critical issues that affect the people of Pemba.

FRIDAY 29th June

A young man used to steal chickens from his neighbours when they were in the fields but after listening to Radio Wimbe’s programmes about making a livelihood he realised what he was doing was wrong. He now splits rocks on the side of the road, which he sells. Please pray for this man that the Lord will protect and guide him as he seeks to earn a living and contribute positively to his community

SATURDAY 30th June

After heavy rains in the north of Mozambique earlier in the year, please pray that crops and harvests have not been damaged and that the food security of the communities in the area will be ensured.

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