The end of Ramadan

The end of Ramadan is this week and we are thinking of our partners who have been broadcasting special programmes during this time, as well as Muslim listeners as they come to an end of their fast. Ramadan can be a difficult time as people continue in their jobs and responsibilities whilst fasting, often waking early to eat before sunrise. 

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SUNDAY 10th June

Please pray for listeners in Pakistan as they have heard the question, ‘What does it mean to fast?’ being discussed through a special programme series broadcast on shortwave and FM during the month of Ramadan. They have also heard issues of peace, stability and social harmony among the communities living in Pakistan addressed. Pray that this programme series has helped them reflect on their relationship with God and others.

MONDAY 11th June

The broadcasts produced by one of the Central Asia projects has a significant drop off in response from men during Ramadan, as the broadcast time conflicts with the time of Ramadan prayers. Unfortunately we are unable to change the broadcast timing so please pray that listeners will reflect on what they have previously heard on the radio as they fast.

TUESDAY 12th June

This same broadcast in Central Asia is, however, being listened to by women and so provides a good opportunity to connect with them. Please pray for the women listeners that they would find help, information and encouragement as they listen to the programmes.


Please pray for Christian individuals, families and organisations that are working in Muslim countries and cultures. Pray that their understanding, wisdom, compassion and respect during Ramadan will further their acceptance and participation in their wider communities.

THURSDAY 14th June

“Eid Mubarak” to our Muslim friends and listeners. Today is the end of Ramadan which is marked by the feast Eid- Al Fitr. Please pray for Muslim listeners as they complete their fast and celebrate with their families and friends. Pray that this time of Ramadan would have shown them something about God and been another step along the way of a relationship with him. 

FRIDAY 15th June

Give thanks for the many different groups and communities who work together across ethnic and religious differences in order to bring peace and security to the cities and countries where they live.

SATURDAY 16th June

Muslims have great respect for the prophets such as Abraham and David. Give thanks for our partners who produce programmes about the lives of the prophets, presenting stories and dramas about them.