Shortwave broadcasts

Our partners produce a variety of programmes in different heart languages which are broadcast on shortwave to North East Africa. These help address physical, social and spiritual issues for audiences in remote communities, restrictive environments or facing challenging life situations.

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SUNDAY 3rd June

Please pray for listeners living in an area where following Christ is seen as being a heretic. Many face opposition and persecution because of their faith in Jesus. They say that the programme brings comfort to them and helps answer their questions.

MONDAY 4th June

Please pray for *Dawit as he seeks committed and mature believers who can join the radio programme production team for a specific language broadcast service. Pray that God would provide faithful and reliable people for this ministry.

TUESDAY 5th June

Give thanks for the many listeners to another specific shortwave broadcast service into the area, which is the only programme in their language. Many say that they and their marriages have been blessed because of the programme. Pray that the message they hear in the programmes will bring transformation among them.


Please pray for *Dawit and his family who have different needs at this time. Pray that God would help them, bless them and meet their needs.


It has been a difficult couple of years with unrest in different parts of the country where *Dawit lives. Because of this, two of his children have had their education interrupted. Please pray that God will bring peace to the country.

FRIDAY 8th June

There continues to be ethnic conflicts, unrest and political instability in the region resulting in acts of violence and deaths. Please pray for our partners as they promote peace and support their communities as they live in uncertain times.


Give thanks for all the local partners and mission agencies we partner with in the region, and for the various media projects Feba UK supports in helping to bring lasting change.

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