Pakistan - a time of transition

Feba Pakistan is facing significant changes, with a new director due to take up the position later in 2016. This week, please pray for the director designate as he looks ahead to this role.

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SUNDAY 19th June

Feba Pakistan is in a time of transition, with a new director being prepared to take over the reins. The leadership team are thinking about how to best organise themselves following this change. Please pray both for the health and wellbeing of the team and the director designate they will work with.

MONDAY 20th June

Feba Pakistan’s leadership and management committee are making detailed plans for their future strategy, and reflecting on the most effective ways to reach their goals. Please pray for the organisation, for wisdom and insight, as they try to discern the best path for their ministry.

TUESDAY 21st June

Give thanks for the robust ongoing relationship between Feba UK and Feba Pakistan. Pray that Feba UK will be a vital resource to them as they navigate the coming changes.


Feba Pakistan has started broadcasting on internet radio. Ask for God’s blessing on this initiative and pray it will fulfil its potential to engage thousands more listeners.

THURSDAY 23rd June

Easter Sunday saw a bomb attack in Lahore in eastern Pakistan that killed more than 70 people. With at least eight other known terrorist attacks in the country this year, pray for an end to the violence and for God’s love to reach all people in Pakistan.

FRIDAY 24th June

The FM Expansion Project continues to grow and to be in demand in different areas across Pakistan. This is hugely encouraging. Please join us in giving thanks for it.

SATURDAY 25th June

Please pray for more churches across Pakistan to join the FM Expansion Project; to receive training and for programmes to be released to impact on their communities.