DRC - two projects flourishing

Mungongo ya Muana is gathering momentum in challenging negative attitudes towards street-living children in Kinshasa as its work includes equipping some street children as journalists and presenters. We are also delighted that a new community radio station, Umoja FM, has just been launched in the east of DR Congo

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SUNDAY 12th June

Umoja FM, a new community radio station, was set up in eastern Congo in January. The team is now getting to grips with the business of running a radio station. They are currently in a test phase, learning and practising new skills. Please pray for the team at this important stage.

MONDAY 13th June

As with any new station, there have been challenges. The team did well to source a replacement transmitter when the original one failed. Please pray that the replacement keeps working well, that repair work can be done on the original transmitter and that the cause of the failure can be found.

TUESDAY 14th June

Thank God for the positive response to Umoja FM from the local population. Please pray for the team as they seek to serve and involve the local community.


The owner of the local cocoa plantation has allowed the station to put its antenna and transmitter on one of his warehouses and to provide people to do whatever is necessary to get the transmitter functioning. Give thanks for this vital piece of support.

THURSDAY 16th June

In Kinshasa, the street children project Mungongo ya Muana is addressing the issue of accusations of witchcraft. These accusations lead to many children being abused and abandoned, and therefore taking to the street. Pray for the team and church leaders as they take on this important and sensitive issue.

FRIDAY 17th June

The street children journalists will be interviewing pastors and social workers as training for radio programmes to be broadcast in the marketplace. Please pray that this training will equip the journalists for what lies ahead.

SATURDAY 18th June

Pray that Mungongo ya Muana will ultimately succeed in changing attitudes towards street-living children.