Yemen is still in the grip of a conflict which has cost thousands of lives. Against this background the Yemen Project is broadcasting into the country, addressing issues relevant to listeners affected by the unrest.

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SUNDAY31st July

Please pray that the project helps to connect isolated believers with other groups of believers. Ask God to grow the capacity of these groups to meet the needs of the community.

MONDAY 1st August

Pray for the safety of local believers, who are key sources of content in an extremely hazardous environment. Pray also that God will provide everything they need to continue their work.

TUESDAY 2nd August

Much of the project’s new audio content is targeted at issues relating to the experience of conflict. For example, an upcoming series tackles trauma awareness and caring for affected people. Please pray that these programmes will be effective in addressing listeners’ real needs.

WEDNESDAY 3rd August

The situation within the country changes so rapidly, it is difficult to say what is going on ‘now’ with any accuracy. Please pray for vital information to get through to internally displaced people, in spite of this uncertainty.

THURSDAY 4th August

Peace talks between the warring parties are on-going. Please pray that these talks will lead to a swift end to hostilities, a just and stable government and a lasting peace.


FRIDAY 5th August

The Yemen Project is making a real impact in the midst of the conflict. The follow-up team (based outside Yemen) are receiving 1,500 responses every month. Give thanks for this hugely encouraging level of engagement.

SATURDAY 6th August

The project’s production team have been making programmes in very difficult conditions. With frequent power shortages, they are relying on solar power and rainwater for drinking. Give thanks for their skill and tenacity.