Earlier in the year we celebrated the day of prayer for the media joining with other Christians and media organisations recognising the powerful influence and impact media has on people’s lives.  We thought we'd extend this theme for prayer across a whole week.  Our partners, staff and CEO Bob Chambers have written prayers to be used every day in celebration and support of media and communication. 

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SUNDAY 17th July

Father we pray for the safety of our projects and partners using communication for transformation. We also ask you to provide safety to journalists, production teams and media personnel working in difficult and dangerous areas. Amen.

MONDAY 18th July

Dear Lord, we thank you for the gift of communication - the ability to connect with one another in so many different ways, for the tools and technology available to us today, and for those who use media creatively and constructively in communities right across the globe.

TUESDAY 19th July

Please pray for our sister organisations and radio riggers, who periodically have to climb 240-260 foot towers (the height of a 20-story building) to maintain antennas and radio towers. Tower maintenance often requires changing light bulbs on anti-collision aircraft lamps. Typhoons also wreak havoc on towers, which require extensive repairs. Their physical work makes broadcasts and communications possible. Please pray for the safety of our riggers.


Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for the example and teaching of your Son Jesus Christ - who modeled and instructed us about the importance of living in right relationship with you and with one another, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to both throughout His life and ministry, with a message of restoration and transformation.

THURSDAY 21st July

Please pray for Feba’s six “Focus Areas” – using life-giving media for Emergency Response, Health and Wellbeing, Peace and Reconciliation, Displaced People, Persecuted Church and Church in Community. Help us shine a spotlight on the issues within these areas and assist our partners and projects in using media for change.

FRIDAY 22nd July

We pray that by the power of your Holy Spirit those working in the media would know how best to use the remarkable opportunities they have - to serve you faithfully and bear witness to your name, to harness the power of media for good, with a Christ-like love for their neighbours, for your glory.

SATURDAY 23rd July

Please pray for listeners in countries where media is restricted – pray that worldwide people are able to access the information they need through the airwaves, with transformative communications reaching their ears and touching their lives.