Programmes for challenging situations

Feba UK is part of FEBC International, an association of 26 ministry fields co-operating to communicate the Good News among the nations by media, to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ. Below are three prayer items for projects where Feba UK is not directly involved but where our FEBC International colleagues are working.

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SUNDAY 29th July

Christian radio is very important in Mali, where only 26% of the population is literate. Please pray that the staff there will be guided by God as they prepare programmes for a nation that is 5% Christian.

MONDAY 30th July

Oftentimes it’s not easy for Christian students who return to China from abroad, to find a church in their communist-controlled country. There’s also political pressure, a fear of making their Christian identity public, and objections from unbelieving family members. Please pray that many will tune into FEBC’s radio and internet broadcasts, and be encouraged and blessed by the programmes.

TUESDAY 31st July

In Ukrainian cities, millions of people have access to high speed internet. New strategies to reach this audience require increased office and broadcasting space. Please pray for our colleagues as they seek a suitable building in the capital, Kiev, to establish as a ministry centre for FEBC Ukraine.