Radio for disaster affected communities

When your world is turned upside down communication is as crucial as Food, Water, Shelter and Medicine. Our partner ​First Response Radio provides critical information to affected communities in the immediate aftermath of disasters.

Pray for their life saving broadcasts and their listeners this week.

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SUNDAY 22nd July

First Response Radio is able to respond quickly to emergencies - within 72 hours - by equipping & training teams before disaster strikes. The FRR team in India are prepped and ready to go should they need to deploy, especially since monsoon, or rainy season, starts in July and lasts until September/October. 

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MONDAY 23rd July

Please pray for the newly launched FRR team in Pakistan. A response team was trained in Pakistan in March 2018 and has already been refreshing their training this month. Please pray for the team as they prepare for future disasters.  They are also heading into monsoon season.

TUESDAY 24th July

FRR Pakistan is seeking a way to get an FM broadcast license in times of disaster. Please pray for favour from the Government agencies for Licensing and Disaster Response.


FRR Indonesia are planning another major training event to add more people to their team. Please pray for wisdom for hteir team as they get ready.

THURSDAY 26th July

All FRR teams globally will be meeting up for a shared learning event "FRR University" later this year. There will be outside speakers and each team will share their best results with others.  Please pray that all teams can share their knowledge and experiences with each other to progress their work. 

FRIDAY 27th July

Please pray for the future leadership of FRR's International team. International Coordinator Mike Adams is needing additional capacity to manage the various areas of work now as FRR expands. Please pray that the right leaders to take this work into the next generation are found.

SATURDAY 28th July

Please pray for the listeners to FRR that are affected by disaster.  Pray that the broadcasts offer them the vital information that they need to recover and provide transformative hope through radio.  

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