New Projects

Our partners have recently worked on, or are currently working on, some new projects. These include a local FM programme for young people, a new shortwave service into a closed country, as well as new programmes as part of a particular broadcast service.

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SUNDAY 15th July

Give thanks for the many listeners to the programmes produced by the *Sparrow team. The listeners ask different questions and the team answer them on the radio once a week. Pray that the listeners would be helped in their understanding by what they hear.

MONDAY 16th July

Please pray for the *Sparrow team as they produce new daily programmes and answer difficult questions from their listeners. Pray that they would have wisdom and strength for these tasks.

TUESDAY 17th July

Give thanks for the Rising Voices weekly broadcast on a local FM station. This is a God-given opportunity to bring Christian values and Bible-based messages on government controlled media. Please pray for the team that God will give them wisdom and insight on how to continue the ministry for the urban youth audience.


Give thanks for the new shortwave service, A Friend in the Wilderness, to people in a closed country. Our partners are united in their desire to bring life-changing messages to listeners so that they will be transformed in the midst of their challenging situation. Please pray for wisdom in how to do this well.

THURSDAY 19th July

Give thanks for training in connection with the *Sparrow project which has helped community workers understand how radio programmes can help their wider outreach in the area. They have also made suggestions for content which the radio producers hope to include in their future programmes.

FRIDAY 20th July

Please pray for the translation of radio programme transcripts into English from the A Friend in the Wilderness project and other new initiatives. This will help those overseeing the project to evaluate the content and see the direction the project is taking.

SATURDAY 21st July

Our partner in the *Sparrow project writes: “Thank you for your investment into our producers, their training, equipment and your encouragement.” Give thanks that Feba UK is able to support this project in these ways.