Bringing hope to local people

Feba Pakistan continues to operate and broadcast in an environment with threats of violence and insecurity. They are working with other Christian partners to develop the use of community radio to speak to the needs of their own communities, helping to reduce fear and bring hope to local people.

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SUNDAY 8th July

A Feba Pakistan staff member writes: “Pray for our beloved country Pakistan as political instability is at its peak; society is declining at all levels. Terrorism and other social evils are a great challenge for the ministries and churches in Pakistan.

MONDAY 9th July

Please pray for the persecuted minority families and churches that are always in a vulnerable situation. Pray for their security as they live and work in a tense environment, and that they can meet safely in fellowship without fear.

TUESDAY 10th July

Give thanks for the different broadcasts going out on shortwave and FM, as well as on social media. Pray for the listeners to the programmes that they would be informed and encouraged by what they hear.


After a break of 10 years, Feba Pakistan is looking to resume a 30 minute shortwave broadcast for a specific language group which previously had been aired twice a week for almost 15 years. Please pray for the audience to be re-established and for the listeners from this ethnic group to be helped by the programmes.

THURSDAY 12th July

Please pray for the Board, staff and related partners as they work together to establish local FM projects with community based programmes. Give thanks that in the places where these projects are, Christians are increasingly being valued as part of the community.

FRIDAY 13th July

In August, the team are planning to have a family integrated listeners’ conference, where they will be camping so that they can share closely with their listeners. Please pray for the practical arrangements for this, for safety and for relationships to go deeper as they spend time together.

SATURDAY 14th July

Give thanks for the programmes which include health and hygiene advice, and the particular help they can be to remote communities who do not have easy access to medical facilities. Thank God for last year’s medical camps which gave people access to practical help.