Supporting a community

Iraq FM operates within a local urban community, discussing their issues and giving people a voice to talk about their concerns and experiences. Through this shared platform they are helping to promote peace and restore relationships.

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SUNDAY 1st July 

Give thanks for the trust between the community members and the radio team. Our partners never take this for granted. Pray for them to have grace and understanding as they listen to callers’ concerns, even when they may feel offended by the callers’ opinion.

MONDAY 2nd July

Please pray for people who call in and are angry about injustices they have suffered. Pray for them that they can learn to forgive and that their stories will help advocate for change.

TUESDAY 3rd July

Give thanks for the men who call the show to say that they have been persuaded to change their attitudes towards women and to treat the women in their families with respect. Pray for this positive change to continue and grow.


Conflict and instability leads to unemployment so please join us in praying for employment opportunities in Iraq. Please pray too, for the radio team as they accompany listeners through the process of finding work.


Please pray for people living in the city who have been displaced. Pray that as they listen to the radio programmes they would discover hope for their futures.

FRIDAY 6th July

There is a live ‘prayer requests’ show on Friday mornings when people can call in and ask for prayer. Please join in praying for them, that God would meet them in their need.


Give thanks for the growing Facebook audience. Please pray for the *Iraq FM team as they endeavour to engage this audience in conversations about the topics presented on the on-air shows.

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