Nepal - rebuilding in progress

HCDS is our Nepalese partner, with stations in the east and west of the country. Last year’s earthquakes had a drastic effect on the community of Okhaldhunga and the AfnoFM station there, but the team have shown courage and perseverance in serving their neighbours, helping in the recovery.

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SUNDAY 3rd July

Last year’s earthquakes caused a great deal of loss of life and destruction to property. The process of recovery is likely to take a long time. Please pray for the affected communities as they rebuild.

MONDAY 4th July

The earthquakes also affected AfnoFM, seriously damaging its studio in Okhaldhunga. Pray for the new studio to be completed quickly.

TUESDAY 5th July

Please pray for Vijay, HCDS’s project coordinator. Ask that God will enable him to lead the team with strength, inspiration and passion.


The team are working within challenging circumstances. Pray for team’s energy and capacity to meet these challenges.


AfnoFM regularly broadcasts healthrelated programming, working directly with Okhaldhunga hospital. Give thanks for the difference this project is making to the health of individuals and communities.

FRIDAY 8th July

Pray for the station’s work in challenging unhelpful cultural beliefs and practices. Pray that the local culture will be preserved while allowing all individuals to grow and flourish.


Please pray for Christians trying to live out their faith and share the good news, against the background of a constitution which now outlaws conversion.