Sierra Leone - After Ebola

As a follow-up to the distribution of radio handsets delivered at the peak of the Ebola crisis, Feba is embarking on a project that empowers communities to find solutions to the problems facing them.

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SUNDAY 10th July

Feba’s partners have been active in visiting local communities. The families visited have valued being able to talk about life before and during Ebola, and their hopes for the future. Pray that our partners’ work will help communities to achieve their hopes.

MONDAY 11th July

Believers Broadcasting Network, Feba’s partner radio station in Sierra Leone, has gathered a series of topics from the visits to local families to inform new programme production. Give thanks that the station is clearly listening to local people.

TUESDAY 12th July

Please pray for those communities who are still adjusting to life after Ebola; that they will find God-inspired hope for the future.


It is estimated that up to four million people are at risk of starvation due to the disruption to agricultural production during the Ebola outbreak. Pray that vulnerable people will see their needs met, by God and by local authorities.

THURSDAY 14th July

Radio alone cannot succeed in responding to Ebola. Feba’s aim is to use a holistic approach, combining radio broadcasts with community action. Pray that this holistic approach will help local communities recover and be strengthened.

FRIDAY 15th July

Pray for churches’ involvement in the project; that their actions will bear witness to God’s power and deep concern for the vulnerable.

SATURDAY 16th July

Pray for those still grieving the loss of loved ones to Ebola; that they will be comforted and be able to talk about their experiences with people who understand.