We continue to pray for the ongoing work in Bangladesh

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SUNDAY 17th January

Give thanks for The Jacob Project’s work in engaging young listeners, aiming to create a sense of community among urban students and encouraging conversation around spiritual matters. Pray that these conversations will help listeners make steps towards Jesus.

MONDAY 18th January

*Joelle, who started up and shaped The Jacob Project has now moved to Europe. She will continue to play a role in supporting The Jacob Project. Ask God to bless Joelle in her new role serving with another mission organisation that also uses media to reach people in Asia.

TUESDAY 19th January

Please pray for The Jacob Project’s fledgling new partnerships, initiated during Joelle’s recent visit to the US. Pray these partnerships will enable the station to embark on a new phase with a view to long-term stability. 

WEDNESDAY 20th January

Give thanks for innovative new programmes developed by the RMB team. In particular, give thanks for an expansion of programming content that tackles unfair treatment of women. Pray that men will engage with the content as much as women.

THURSDAY 21st January

Please pray for RMB as they finalise plans for the coming year. Their audience is very rural, but even so, internet reach is becoming widespread, so our partner is considering increasing the quantity of its online work, alongside its shortwave radio ministry.

FRIDAY 22nd January

Give thanks for RMB’s recent listener conferences, which enabled the team to get to know listeners who have shown real interest in becoming believers. Pray for those who have made decisions to follow Jesus; for ongoing transformation in their lives.

SATURDAY 23rd January

Pray that RMB will continue to find a compelling balance in its programming between clear presentation of the good news and material which addresses the health and wellbeing of local communities.