Promoting peace in Iraq

IraqFM's recent sixth anniversary gave the team the chance to reflect on the impact of their work so far.

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SUNDAY 31st January

Give thanks for IraqFM’s recent anniversary and for the station’s sustained efforts over the years in fostering peace and understanding between listeners of different religious and political backgrounds.

MONDAY 1st February

Give thanks for those listeners who call into the station. Please pray for wisdom and insight for those on the team who talk with the listeners, that they will be able to relate well to those calling in, and have just the right words of support, encouragement or challenge that are needed.

TUESDAY 2nd February

Please pray for the technical aspects of IraqFM’s work. The team have recently experienced problems with the electricity supply to the studio, including their main transmitter being damaged by a power surge. Pray that these issues will be resolved quickly and won’t recur.

WEDNESDAY 3rd February

IraqFM is now operating in partnership with our new partner in Iraq. Give thanks for a good start to their relationship and pray that God would bless and strengthen it. Pray, too, for a smooth transition as the two teams get to know each other’s ways of working.

THURSDAY 4th February

IraqFM is offering members of the community training in radio production, editing and recording. Please pray that this new venture will make the community even more receptive to IraqFM, so that the team can make a significant impact in their lives.

FRIDAY 5th February

Pray for the team to become increasingly effective in promoting peace and sharing the Christian message. Pray for wisdom when they are following up interested listeners with private phone calls.

SATURDAY 6th February

Parts of Iraq remain highly unstable. Please pray for lasting peace and security throughout the country, and for God’s blessing on all who seek peace and reconciliation.