FM Expansion Project

Feba Pakistan works within a strongly Muslim culture, challenging perceptions of what it means to be a Christian and building bridges between the two faith groups. Through the FM Expansion project, Feba Pakistan are equipping local Christian Partners to become part of this work and to address other important local issues.

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SUNDAY 3rd January

Please pray that everyone in Pakistan who is truly searching for God will find He is reaching out to them and revealing more of His love and truth.

MONDAY 4th January

Pray for the safety of our partners in Pakistan who are persevering in serving God, despite challenges and an uncertain political situation.

TUESDAY 5th January

Give thanks for the new partners involved with the FM Expansion project and pray they will catch the vision for bringing transformation to their communities in the name of Jesus.

WEDNESDAY 6th January

Pray for the Christian Partners currently training in broadcast skills; pray this training will enable them to use radio effectively to address the most pressing needs of their communities.

THURSDAY 7th January

Please pray for the Feba Pakistan team, particularly for discernment as they seek to identify potential new local partners.

FRIDAY 8th January

Pray that God will speak to each of the local churches involved in the FM Expansion project, giving them a deep understanding of the issues most relevant to their communities.

SATURDAY 9th January

The political atmosphere in Pakistan remains unstable. Please pray that Feba Pakistan and other Christians will be an influence for peace and reconciliation there.