In Pemba, Radio Wimbe is working to encourage positive change in the community.

Now the city is in the rainy season, the station’s support and practical advice is particularly important.  Join us in prayer across the week using the suggestions below. 

 Sunday   Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Friday    Saturday

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SUNDAY 29th January

Radio Wimbe has an enthusiastic and committed following of listener groups.  Give thanks for this engaged audience and pray that the messaging of the broadcasts will bring positive change across Pemba.  

MONDAY 30th January

Pray for Farida, the new Station Manager at Radio Wimbe. Ask that God will equip her with everything she needs to lead her team well. Pray also for Narciso, as he adjusts to life back in Maputo.

TUESDAY 31st January

Pray for Radio Wimbe’s input into environmental issues; that the station will be an effective influence for change – particularly for better flood defences for local communities.

WEDNESDAY 1st February

Please pray for the production team at Radio Wimbe, whose broadcasts have the potential to make a difference in the lives of their listeners. Pray for inspiring, engaging, informative and entertaining content ideas as they plan their programming. 

THURSDAY 2nd February

Please pray for the Discipleship Course that Radio Wimbe is running, that it would be enlightening and encouraging for their listeners.

FRIDAY 3rd February

Radio Wimbe is involved in an ongoing land dispute. Pray for wisdom, discernment and grace for all those involved in the disagreement, and for forgiveness and understanding as everyone moves forward.

SATURDAY 4th February

It is now the rainy season which brings new life as well as the potential for flooding. Pray for Radio Wimbe that they would provide useful practical advice, working in strategic partnership with the local authorities. Pray too, that they can provide an opportunity for the community to voice their needs and support one another.